Tavira has an abundance of restaurants where, by and large, the food is excellent and very reasonably priced. What makes these restaurants so good is that they are generally small and run by the owner so you get a warm welcome, with superb service and food. As you would expect, fresh seafood is in everywhere, with most restaurants displaying today’s catch in chilled cabinets. But meat-eaters are not forgotten and the steaks and lamb dishes are also very good.

For a fairly comprehensive list of all that is available in Tavira, we suggest you look at Restaurants in Tavira.

Walking into Town takes only 10 mins. Head down to the N125, exit at the “Quinta Pegada” gate, cross the road and turn Right. Continue for approx. 150m, to the Bus Stop, then turn left towards the railway line. Cross over and just keep going downhill till you get to “Bishop’s Square” (with a statue of a bishop in the centre), which is where the restaurants and bars begin.

This is where all the action starts and the next few links will take you to some of our favourites ….