About the Algarve

The Algarve

Steeped in history, this is where Henry the Navigator’s intrepid explorers set sail from in the early 17th Century to begin their domination of the trade routes to the East for two Centuries or more. But today, with approx. 200 km of shoreline plus nearly 300 days of sun per year and prices much cheaper than the rest of Europe, it is not surprising that this is such an incredibly popular destination for a different kind of explorer, looking for somewhere special for their holidays.

This is the furthermost corner of Europe, with nothing beyond it for approx 5,500 km or so. The sea may be on the cold side but it is pure and crystal clear and with no land in the way, there is absolutely zero airborne pollution.

Besides the weather, the Algarve offers some spectacular scenery and great local culture, depending on where you choose to visit. From the authentic Algarvian towns such as Tavira, Ferragudo, and Lagos, with their iconic calcada (cobblestone) paved streets and colourful colonial buildings, to the tourist areas of Albufeira and Praia da Rocha, which are more reminiscent of some of the popular Spanish Resorts.

But hidden away are some character towns such as Sagres to the West to the hills of Monchique, just a short distance inland and rising to 900 m above sea level.

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